Learning to play the bass guitar

I’d like to invite to my lessons – I teach on all levels and I prepare my classes individually for you. On my lessons you will understand first of all what it means to play consciously. You will learn why the knowledge of the music theory, reading music/notes. etc. are important. You will become convinced that well mastered bases of the bass guitar playing cause that even the simplest exercises are very helpful and develop the ability to move on the fretboard smoothly. Additionally, I will teach you various techniques of bass guitar playing as well as different musical styles and, what is the most important, I will demonstrate what Groove really is in every type of the music and how important it is. On my classes I will share my knowledge and experience with you which I have gained while recording and performing with different artist for years.

For five years I taught at a private music school Rock, Blues & Heavy in Wrocław where
I conducted also all-Polish bass workshop. Additionally, during doctoral studies as a social scientist I had classes with students of the Faculty of Social Sciences (major – Philosophy) of the University of Wrocław. Among other things, working with students extended my pedagogical skills.

Remember, a good bass player it means a proper Groove.